Custom Altitude Engineering for Research and More

LATEST NEWS; CAT featured in National Geographic's "Fight Science / High Altitude Sharp Shooter"

In recent years Colorado Altitude Training has built the world's largest hypoxic sleeping system, the world's largest hypoxic exercising system, free-standing enclosure systems, environmental chamber conversion systems, hyperoxic (oxygen-rich) systems, and aviation systems simulating up to 30,000'.

Our ability to meet customers' needs for unique systems is what has made us the world leader in simulated altitude systems. Our technical experts have the ability to create a system which will reliably meet your needs, whatever the size. Allow us to help you learn more about why a CAT system is right for your altitude needs.


Altitude training has been used for decades by Olympic and Professional Athletes to:

  • Increase Endurance
  • Increase Strength and Speed
  • Avoid Fatigue
  • Improve Recovery

With a Colorado Altitude Training System, you can experience these performance benefits in the comfort of your own home.

Aviation Applications.....The War on Error

Until recently the only simulation method that enabled first-hand experience of the effects of hypoxia in a mask-off situation has been a low-pressure chamber, often decades old and very limited in size. with CAT's Hypoxic Aviation Systems it is now possible to achieve the same hypoxic environment and symptoms in a large modular enclosure, or even in a flight simulator, with few of the risks, limitations or major costs of a hypobaric chamber.

5/2/11 Update:
Colorado Altitude Training has been selected by the US Navy to develop and provide altitude simulation systems for pilot training. CAT’s systems will simulate altitude up to 30,000 feet at normal pressure enabling pilots to experience extreme altitude. The result will be safer pilot training at a greatly reduced cost.

Oxygen Enriched Rooms

CAT 150
Oxygen Enrichment System

Many people dream of having a 2nd home in the mountains to escape to; the beautiful views, the hiking, the skiing. But oh that altitude sickness !

Love your mountain lodge but wish you didn't struggle so much with headaches, sleepless nights and fatigue when you go up there?

Perhaps you yourself are fine, but what about friends and relatives. Do they suffer when they come and visit?

Or if you're a developer of real-estate at altitude, how many of your potential customers rule themselves out when they come to visit the site, and decide they should buy something just a little further down the mountain?

.... If so, CAT has a wonderful solution that you will appreciate the minute you step inside and breath the oxygen-enriched air that brings your mountain room down to sea-level.

Military Applications

Simulated altitude systems have many applications in the military world: Before an altitude deployemt, during periods of reduced exercise ability maybe due to injury, or merely to increasing base fitness in an efficient, scientific way. CAT has already supplied systems for these needs, and more.

Plus now, with the high-altitude Aviation Systems, the sky's the limit for training groups to handle hypoxia during flight.