About Aestis

Aestis is a company based in Boulder, Colorado, that has developed a medical breakthrough for the treatment of obesity through controlled hypoxia technology. Aestis' focus is on obtaining regulatory approval to market the system in the United States and Europe within the next three years.

Aestis is developing therapeutic applications of its controlled medical hypoxia technology with an initial focus on the ThinAir™ weight loss system. The ThinAir™ system will be based on technology used in CAT's altitude simulation products that have been successfully marketed for over six years. Like CAT's products, the ThinAir™ system simulates the lower oxygen concentrations of high altitude designed to produce controlled medical hypoxia without side effects.

Aestis has recently completed a study in Europe to establish efficacy of the ThinAir™ system, the results of which will help to finalize parameters for the Company's final clinical trials. Aestis will apply for FDA approval and European marketing approval following finalization of product design and appropriate documentation. The Company has developed a detailed plan for market rollout and expects to be in a position to begin marketing the ThinAir™ weight loss system within 30 to 36 months.

Aestis is a subsidiary of Colorado Altitude Training LLC (CAT) , formed to commercialize the medical applications of CAT's hypoxic technology. CAT was founded in 1997 by current President and CEO Larry Kutt to develop altitude simulation equipment to enhance sports conditioning and athletic performance. CAT is the leading provider of altitude training systems for improved athletic performance. CAT products are used by many of the world's top athletes, Olympic training centers and sports teams. Aestis currently shares facilities with CAT in Boulder, Colorado. To date, all funding for the Company's research and development and expenditure on personnel has been provided by CAT.