Advisory Board Industry Leaders

Driven by our board of advisors, Colorado Altitude Training leads the industry in research and development of altitude products. Our group is comprised of leading scientists in altitude research, sports medicine, atmospheric sciences, and exercise physiology that direct our efforts to ensure the highest quality and consistent performance in accordance with the latest knowledge of altitude physiology.

Our board ensures that every Colorado Altitude Training product design is consistent with the findings of science and maximizes the effects of altitude for athletic performance.

Peter Hackett M.D. - A world authority on highaltitude medicine and physiology. In 1982, he established the medical camp at 14,000 feet on Denali to study altitude physiology.

Heikki Rusko Ph.D. - Professor of sports physiology at the University of Jyvaskula Finland. A research pioneer in the field of altitude simulation, member of the Finnish Olympic Committee.

Joe Boatman Ph.D. - President-Quality Environmental Services. Air quality engineer and authority in the monitoring and controlling of CO2 and O2.

Steve Muza Ph.D. - Research Physiologist, One of the most active and well respected altitude researchers in the United States.

Hugh Montgomery M.D. - Cardiovascular Geneticist. Leads a highly successful research group in cardiovascular genetics at University College London. Authored the first description of a gene influencing human physical performance.

Jay T. Kearney Ph.D. - VP Health and Sports Science Services, Carmichael Training Systems. Former head of Sport Sciences for the USOC. Dr. Kearney has published more than 75 scholarly articles and has lectured broadly both in the U.S. and internationally.

"In Memoriam" Ed Burke, Former Professor and Director of the Exercise Science Program at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. Ed authored Maximum Muscle Recovery, and was a valuable advisor to Colorado Altitude Training. We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of Dr. Burke to the field of Exercise Science and altitude training.