History of Colorado Altitude Training

1997 - 1999
The concept of "Live High Train Low" sparked interest in Larry Kutt while at lunch with a former student. A study was published showing the advantage of living at a high altitude and training at a low altitude to improve EPO (erythropoietin). Larry set out to research how this concept could be brought straight to the athlete's bedroom.

Larry partnered with Igor Gamow, who was in the process of developing the hypobaric sleeping chamber. Unfortunately, the cost for engineering and producing these chambers was extremely high, not to mention the lack of comfort for the athlete.

1999 - 2000
Larry researched other ways to simulate altitude for athletes to benefit from the "Live High Train Low" concept. He traveled to Norway to better understand "Nitrogen Dilution" and how he could incorporate in product development. Unfortunately, this was not the best arrangement; Larry decided to form a company on his own.

Larry raised money to start a company in Boulder, CO. He began to research Vendors, Engineers, IT Technicians, and Consultants to help form CAT. Eventually, Larry successfully launched the first product - the Colorado Mountain Room™. Word got out about sleeping at a high altitude and training at a lower altitude. Athletes experienced positive results within weeks (increased power, greater endurance and fast recovery).

CAT's first Simulated Altitude Tent was developed.

Larry expanded the business yet a little further by introducing Altitude Simulation for Equine.

Military applications were introduced. CAT was awarded the Mercury 100 Award for the fastest growing company and the IQ award for most innovative product by the Boulder County Business Report.