Never a Fire

We make fire impossible. The Prevenex Fire Protection System TM reduces oxygen levels below the fire threshold (16% oxygen) and completely prevents fire.

Although this small reduction in oxygen makes fire impossible, it remains completely safe for people. Being in a Prevenex environment is like being at an altitude of 7,000 feet or 2,100 meters - between Denver and Vail Colorado .

The advantages of a Prevenex System:

  • Absolute fire protection. Fire cannot even start in a Prevenex protected environment.
  • The Prevenex fireproof atmosphere reaches everywhere the air reaches – even in enclosed spaces like server cabinets and drawers. Fire has no place to hide.
  • No fire means no need for extinguishing systems, no collateral damage, and no business interruption
  • There is no risk of accidental discharge as with water or inert gas that can cause damage and expense.
  • Cost competitive with existing suppression systems.

The Prevenex air separation equipment starts with ordinary air, then extracts a measured portion of the oxygen. Nothing is added to the air. The digitally monitored and controlled Prevenex system then automatically maintains correct oxygen levels for perfect fire protection So the space is always protectied against fire. Even in the case of a prolonged power outage the reduced oxygen atmosphere remains on the job for several hours making fire impossible.

Ideal for

  • Data Centers
  • Archives
  • Telecommunications Cabinets
  • Electical Transformer rooms

Prevenex hypoxic air is the only way to completely prevent fire. All other fire systems operate only after a fire starts. And once a fire starts some damage is certain - damage from, fire, damage from sprinklers, and damage from fire suppressant. With Prevenex there is never a fire.

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Fire simply cannot start.