ASPIRE Dome, Qatar

ASPIRE, Qatar's visionary Sports Academy, is a unique learning environment comprising of the largest indoor sports dome and now thanks to CAT the worlds largest altitude system, combined with the most comprehensive sports education program on the planet.

The Academy has grown out of the desert landscape and now stands proud as a must see destination for visitors to Qatar. Its vision is to discover the best young sporting talent from the region, and transform them into world-renowned champions. This will in turn generate a stronger sports culture in Qatar, where each generation of athletes inspires the next.

With state-of-the-art facilities and dynamic sports programs, it will turn hopefuls into winners at the highest levels of international competition. CAT has recently installed two of the largest exercise rooms in the world inside the ASPIRE Dome. These rooms are being used in conjunction with sleeping rooms installed in the attached hospital for athletes to sleep and train at altitude. Research is also being conducted from the altitude rooms at the state of the art physiology lab next door to the Dome.