1/16/06 Levi Leipheimer, top American Tour de France finisher behind Lance Armstrong

Levi Leipheimer, Winner of the 2005 Tour of Germany joins other elite cyclists who utilize Colorado Altitude Training to take him to victory

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(Boulder, CO) - Pro cyclist, Levi Leipheimer, had an outstanding year in 2005 with a win at the Tour of Germany, a second at the Tour of Georgia, sixth at the Tour de France, and seventh overall in the Pro Tour Rankings. With the retirement of Lance Armstrong, Levi is looking to Colorado Altitude Training for the edge to become the top cyclist in the United States. Studies have shown that living at altitude and training at sea level can increase an athletes performance up to 5% . The difference in Levis time and Lances time at this years Tour was less than 0.25%. But, Levi is not alone, 30 riders in last years tour were using CAT altitude simulation products, including six of the top ten finishers...Levi now makes seven. According to Leipheimer, "I have been sleeping in the CAT system for 3 weeks now and the benefits are remarkable. I have seen an increase in performance after just a few weeks. I am able to train as hard as ever without compromising my recovery. The system is comfortable and practical. My wife and I sleep with 3 dogs inside without any problems."

Discovery Channel team-member and stage winner at this years tour, George Hincappie had this to say about CAT: "The Colorado Altitude Room is the most comfortable way to get the performance benefits I need to ride my best." Altitude training is quickly becoming a must-have training practice for elite athletes, and Colorado Altitude Training is leading the way. To find out more about hypoxic altitude training, visit the CAT website at www.altitudetraining.com.

About Colorado Altitude Training: CAT is the world leader in hypoxic altitude simulation and training. Located in Boulder, Colorado, and with distributors worldwide., CAT has been selected by some of the most influential leaders in sports including: Nike; Olympic Training Centers; and professional sports teams such as the T-Mobile Cycling Team, Philadelphia Flyers Hockey Team, National Triathlon teams, and Brian Urlacher, the NFLs defensive player of the year. They have chosen CAT because of superior technology, comfort, easy altitude control, customer service, and an elite scientific advisory board containing renowned experts in altitude physiology. For further information about hypoxic altitude simulation, altitude tents, and other sponsored athletes contact: Charles D. Mitelhaus at CAT 303.440.4102 x 112, or visit the website at www.altitudetraining.com

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