07/13/05 Colorado Altitude Training™ and Parsec Join Together to Run the Distance

Boulder, CO July 13, 2005

Contact: Akilah Mondesire
Phone: 303.440.4102 ext. 109
E-mail: amondesire@altitudetraining.com

Colorado Altitiude Training™ (CAT) and Parsec have combined efforts to help athletes improve performance. Parsec's new, larger location at 1233 Pearl Street has given them room to showcase CAT's altitude tents. CAT is located in east Boulder and is the recipient of the Mercury 100 award for the fastest-growing private company in Boulder and Broomfield Counties. They earned this distinction by increasing year over year revenues by 347%. CAT's unique technology simulates high altitude environments providing the physiological benefits of living at altitude. The "Live High - Train Low" philosophy has been shown to improve performance in athletes by as much as 3-8%. While this may seem like a small improvement, the difference between the gold medal and fourth place at the 2000 Sydney Olympics 10k was only 0.08%. Further, 3% was the difference between 1st and 100th place at the 2004 Tour de France and the difference between 1st and 26th place in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic 10k. Parsec has long been committed to helping athletes improve performance. Established in 1977, Parsec has had a presence in Boulder since 2003. Parsec's recent change in location has taken them just around the corner and onto the Pearl Street Mall. Their new store is roomy enough to add CAT's display and a coffee bar. The new store has everything from heart rate monitors to designer watches and they offer Nike authorized watch repair. Parsec is staffed with elite level and post-collegiate athletes who understand the athletes they serve. Colorado Altitude Training is the world leader in altitude simulation systems. They have been selected by some of the most influential leaders in sports including: Nike; Olympic Training Centers; and professional sports teams such as the T-Mobile Cycling Team, Philadelphia Flyers Hockey Team and National Triathlon teams. These organizations have chosen CAT because of superior technology, comfort, easy altitude control, dedicated customer service, and an elite scientific advisory board containing renowned experts in altitude physiology. The addition of CAT's altitude tent systems allows Parsec to expand their offering to help athletes improve performance. The partnership is a win-win-win situation for the companies, the community, and the athlete. For further information contact: Brad at Parsec 303.444.6778 or Jonathan at CAT 303.440.4102 x101