Aviation Systems for Hypoxia Training

New, largest normobaric aviation system ever is now in service:
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CAT Hypoxic Aviation System - details Download pdf Document (917.3 KB)

Initiated by the FAA, and with development partially funded by an Innovation Research grant from the US Navy, CAT's latest ultra-high-altitude systems are a breakthrough product for the aviation industry, allowing pilots to experience hypoxia in a relatively safe, convenient environment, at a fraction of the cost of a depressurization chamber.

Until now required hypoxia training has usually been done inside hypobaric chambers, but these come with a multitude of drawbacks related to the excessive cost, and the associated health risks of reducing the pressure so drastically.

What we have been hearing:
- A hypobaric chamber is prohibitively expensive to own

- We currently travel to use someone else's hypobaric chamber

- Even when we get there, the training is limited by a one-ascent-per-day rule

- Everyone has to go in at once as the instructors are also limited

- We worry about / some have experienced, decompression sickness

- Our pilots get the bare minimum hypoxia experience required, but it's not really enough

CAT's aviation systems can solve all of these problems, allowing your aviators to learn to recognize the symptoms of hypoxia, and instinctively take the correct action, BEFORE their judgment is so clouded that their decisions become unreliable.

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CAT Hypoxic Aviation System - details Download pdf Document (917.3 KB)