Lifestyle and Wellness: Oxygen Enrichment

Altitude sickness is no joke.

Your residence may not be so high that you're in danger of cerebral or pulmonary edemas, but the symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness can become quite debilitating and lessen the pleasure derived from owning a mountain home.

It's freezing cold outside, but in your room you pick the desired indoor temperature via a wall mounted thermostat.

It's high altitude outside, but in your room you pick the desired indoor altitude via a digital altitude controller.

CAT's new line of reduced-altitude simulation systems work by creating an carefully controlled oxygen-enriched atmosphere in your bedroom, your media room, or any other closed space in your mountain home.

All oxygen-enriched systems are custom designed for your facility and usage pattern. The minimal-maintenance oxygen generation equipment can be located almost anywhere in the building, with the entire system operated from the CAT Digital Controller in the oxygen room. This device actually measures the location elevation, makes an allowance for the effect of the weather (barometric pressure), and calculates the maximum safe level of oxygen enrichment. As the oxygen content is increased, the effective altitude is reduced and this is displayed on the face of the controller. Meanwhile the controller monitors the carbon dioxide levels to ensure the air quality is good, and can turn off the oxygen-enrichment units when it detects the room is not occupied.

The result is a more comfortable living environment for full time high altitude residents, or occasional visitors. Overnight oxygen exposure is ideal for recovery after a long day of skiing or hiking, or for helping out of town guests adjust to the high altitude.

Miss being able to do a decent workout at altitude? Let CAT create a sea-level workout enclosure at your mountain home.

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