Sports Altitude Solutions

CAT Digital Controller™
CAT Digital Controller™

Athletes have always had to train hard to gain an edge against the competition, but today the standards are higher than ever, and still increasing. Unfortunately for the athlete they are often already training as hard they can, or at least are at the point where further traditional training will only cause fatigue and injury, yet they still need that extra edge to beat their competitors.

For those fortunate enough to have access to the mountains, altitude training has been providing this extra edge to athletes for decades. The reduced oxygen availability at altitude has caused increased aerobic uptake, higher anaerobic capacity, and improved recovery. Today, such environments are available for every athlete in the world, and Colorado Altitude Training's technology opens the door to the benefits of altitude all in the comfort of your own home.

Whether a simple manually-controlled tent system, or a fully automated exercise enclosure or bedroom conversion based around our unique Digital Controller, CAT has a product to fit your lifestyle and your budget.

CAT will match or beat all prices on equivalent altitude tent systems