Exercise Mask Kit

Exercise Mask Kit
Exercise Mask Kit

"Sleep High, Train Low" is without doubt the best single way to get performance gains from altitude, but adding the occasional altitude workout session is gaining popularity, and providing worthwhile extra gains!

Studies now confirm what athletes have known for a while, ...that occasional, moderate-intensity exercise sessions at altitude can increase aerobic uptake, and lactic-acid-buffering anaerobic capacity.

Unlike sea-level training, where even intense sessions barely cause the body's Arterial Oxygen Saturation (SaO2) to drop from its usual 98%, even a moderate intensity exercise session at altitude will drop this measure of the oxygen saturation in the blood to the lower 80%'s.

This unique situation causes a deeper hypoxia in the muscles, which stimulates adaptations in the mitochondria that does will not occur from only sea-level exercising.

Because it requires only a moderate intensity, these additional benefits can be obtained with little to no fatigue when added to an existing training program. Furthermore, because the stimulation is something new for the body, only two to three, 20-30 minute sessions are required per week.

This is not contradictory to the "sleep-high, train-low" protocol which is well-accepted. Just perform MOST of the training at sea-level, and take advantage of the latest science by adding an occasional exercising session at altitude.

The new CAT Exercising Mask kit is compatible with all our 2005-model altitude tent systems.

CAT's Exercise Mask Kit uses only top-quality medical-grade components, contains two of our large-valve masks with inflatable cushions, and an in-line Hepa Filter to ensure you only breathe the cleanest of air.