Colorado Exercise Systemms

Colorado Exercise Enclosure
Colorado Exercise Enclosure

The Colorado Exercise Enclosure system (CEE), or the Colorado Exercise Room system (CER), is a convenient way to reap the benefits of exercising at altitude, but without having to travel to the mountains.

For a commercial health club it provides a unique training advantage not available in competing facilities. For a professional sports team it's a way to enable the entire squad to benefit from the physiological advantages of altitude training, and for an injured athlete to maintain his cardio-vascular fitness with reduced stress on the body.

The CEE typically comes in one- and two- person packages (8' X 5' or 9' respectively), though custom systems can be prepared to suit your facilities and needs.

A CER can be created in a suitable existing room, or with new construction.

  • Digitally Controlled with the CAT Digital Controller, allows one-touch altitude control
  • Exercise at 9,000 feet
  • Cutting-edge technology for your gym

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