CAT Air Units™

  • Model: CAT-23
  • Number per system depends upon occupancy requirements
  • Weight 56lbs (25.5kg)
  • Dimensions 20" x 15" x 26" (50cm x 37cm X 67cm)
  • Power requirement: 120v / 60 Hz, 5 Amperes. (220v/50hz available)

The CAT-23™ is the newest version of CAT's air separation units, this general model line being introduced in 2002. Air is drawn into the device either from the altitude enclosure, or from the ambient surroundings, and a portion of the oxygen molecules are physically separated out by molecular sieve technology. The oxygen-depleted air is released to the hypoxic enclosure.

  • Maintenance: Minimal (occasional cleaning of intake screen)
  • Consumables: None
  • Expected life : est 20,000 hours operation.

Compared with CAT's original versions (CAT-9, CAT-12) the CAT-23 features a digital flow control with feedback. This stabilizes the performance of the unit, increases reliability, and avoids possible damage due to incorrect operation.

The light weight and modular nature of the unit means that systems can be precisely sized based on the occupancy requirements. Systems can easily be increased in capacity by connecting additional air units.