Custom Enclosure Options

Custom Modular Enclosure

Modular Enclosures

Individual panels with aluminum frames and durable, soft clear windows, clip together to create a pleasant semi-permanent enclosure. Cut-outs in the frame for air hoses and electrical cords can be made in advance or created on-site.

Each enclosure is custom made and can be almost any size or layout. For high-altitude systems over 20,000 feet it is necessary to have an ante-room. Combinations of sliding and swing-opening doors are possible. Swing-opening can ultimately seal better, but sliding doors lose less altitude during entry or exit.


Tents have the advantage that:

  • They can easily be packed up and stored, or shipped.
  • They can be made in a variety of sizes.
  • They are relatively inexpensive.

For high-altitude environments over 20,000 feet CAT uses a double tent system. This improves the overall sealing, and almost completely avoids any loss of altitude during entry or exit.

CAT has manufactured altitude tents since 2001. They typically consist of rip-stop nylon (coated just sufficiently that they maintain the hypoxic environment), clear soft windows, and a framework of either aluminum or plastic. The door(s) are zippered, and the floor is sewn in place.