Colorado Altitude Training simulates low altitude conditions by running ambient air through an air separation unit and then pumping out air with 23-27% oxygen into a space. Oxygen levels and air quality are closely monitored and controlled by a wall mounted control panel about the size of a thermostat. Users experience the beneficial effects of low altitude in minutes. CAT recommends custom fitting the system to simulate altitude throughout the bedroom. This setup maximizes the effectiveness of the system by delivering oxygen enriched air to a resting user, for the duration of the night improving sleep, preventing mountain sickness, and speeding recovery from exercise.

The low altitude simulation system uses the same technology CAT uses in high altitude simulation products used for performance training by world class athletes like Lance Armstrong, and Shaquille O'Neil. All low altitude simulation devices are fully signed off on by CAT's renowned Board of Medical Advisors , including world leaders in high altitude medicine and physiology.

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