CAT Hypoxic Systems

How CAT Systems Work

Early altitude simulation devices worked by reducing the total air pressure to the same levels as hight altitude. These hypobaric chambers were very small inside, heavy and extremely expensive, not to mention very uncomfortable. Rather than lowering the total air pressure, CAT's systems duplicate the lower oxygen content found at high altitude, thereby reducing the amount of inspired oxygen. For example, a CAT system will reduce the oxygen content to 15.2% to simulate 9,000 feet at sea level. Although the total pressure is unchanged, the inspired oxygen is the same as at high altitude. Whether at real altitude, in a hypobaric chamber, or in a CAT system, the amount of inspired oxygen and physiological effects are the same.

CAT's simulated altitude systems have three main components: CAT 12™ high performance air units are the state-of-the-art in altitude simulation technology. Our experienced team of engineers designed this device to provide the maximum air flow possible making our systems the most comfortable on the market. With 121 digitally-adjusted and stabilized levels, the CAT 12™ provides the incremental altitude adjustment required for optimum performance.

The Enclosure: CAT can retrofit your bedroom, office or home gym to an altitude room. Experience living at high altitude in the comfort of your own home with a Custom Room Conversion, Custom Clear Room, or Tent. our Colorado-made tents come in standard different sizes, or can be custom-built to fit your needs.

Oxygen Monitor or CAT Digital Controller™: The oxygen monitor is highly recommended with every tent system and is simple to use. The device shows the oxygen content inside the system and the can determine your exact altitude inside the tent by when used with the Altitude Conversion Chart. The CAT Digital Controller™ is the ultimate in high altitude technology and can be used to control any CAT System with the touch of a button.