CAT-535 MIL™

The CAT-535 MIL™ tent is a multi-use enclosure. It is intended for two sleeping soldiers on two standard bunks or two staff officers with desks. The main benefits of this tent are increased size and capacity, and the inclusion of the CAT Digital Controller™ as a standard feature. The CAT-535 MIL is the ultimate in military altitude tent technology.

  • 1 CAT-535™ tent enclosure
  • Internal Dimensions: 7.5'w x 9.5'd x 7.5'h
  • External Dimensions: 8'w x 10'd x 7.9'h
  • 2 CAT high performance air supply units and hoses
  • 1 CAT Digital Controller™ with wiring harness
  • 2 CAT Exercise Mask Kits™ for exercise inside or outside of the enclosure

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