Why is CAT the World Leader in Altitude Training?


Why have Lance Armstrong, Alberto Salazar (Nike), Norm Stadler, Levi Leipheimer, Marquette University and many other athletes chosen CAT to be their altitude training system provider? CAT offers the best in technology, safety and performance. CAT systems are research tested, proven and backed by the best warranty and customer service in the industry.

CAT products are the most advanced in altitude training. Although our systems may look like other equipment on the surface, it is what is inside that counts!

  • CAT has invested heavily in technology and research to maximize your comfort. Early altitude tents and "hypoxic generators" had limited air flow resulting in heat, humidity, and an uncomfortable experience for users. Using upgraded motors, custom software and electronics, CAT air units provide the highest altitude and maximum air flow possible. CAT control systems are truly unique and provide users complete control of oxygen levels, temperature and air quality.
  • CAT tent systems have been research tested to ensure comfort, performance and safety when combined with our air units. If a tent is not sealed enough, it will not hold altitude. If it is sealed too tight, then heat, humidity, and CO2 will build up resulting in discomfort and reduced athletic performance (just ask your coach or sports physiologist). CAT has exhaustively tested and perfected its tents to a precise air infiltration rate and then matched the tents with its state of the art air units.
  • Over 10 years of feedback from athletes and research from our Board of Advisors have shown us the optimal sleeping and exercising altitude ranges (8,000-11,000 feet). Offering equipment that goes to higher altitudes at the expense of athletic performance will not benefit an athlete. CAT does not offer equipment that has been proven to have little or no benefits, like high-altitude mask-based breathing techniques ("IHT"), where scientific literature confirmed a zero, or even negative response years ago.

CAT offers superior customer service and support.

  • Our 3 year standard warranty on our basic tent systems is backed by a company that has been the leader for nearly 10 years. With a world class Board of Advisors comprising some of the top experts in altitude research and training you know you are in good hands with CAT.
  • Our customer service and support is second to none. If you have a problem with your system, we will take care of it. We do have altitude engineering expertise at CAT and we are proud to have the best people in this business.

You can buy with confidence with CAT, just as the following have (only to name a few):

  • ASPIRE Dome - Qatar, U.A.E. The world’s largest indoor altitude training room
  • U.S. Olympic Committee
  • U.S. Speed Skating Team
  • Harvard University
  • Doha Sports Hospital, U.A.E.
  • College of William and Mary
  • United States Air Force
  • United States Army Research Environmental Medicine
  • Mayo Clinic Research
  • Seven of the last eight Tour de France Winners
  • Six of the eight Ironman World Champions
  • Slipstream/Chipotle Pro Cycling Team