Colorado Mountain Room

Colorado Mountain Room
Colorado Mountain Room

CMR video (windows media video, 1MB)

With the Colorado Mountain Room we convert your existing room to high altitude.

There are no tents or enclosures involved, so the look of the room is unchanged. Even the altitude equipment is located remotely; out of sight and out of sound. Like to have air conditioning?,... no problem.

The entire system is operated from the revolutionary CAT Digital Altitude Controller, a unique device where you set the desired altitude much as you adjust a wall thermostat to the desired temperature. After constantly monitoring the oxygen levels, as well as the barometric pressure and air quality, it maintains the set altitude much like a cruise control on a car.

No one else in the world can offer this level of simple operation, sophistication, and comfort when it comes to altitude training.

The CMR is the ultimate in altitude systems for discerning athletes and serious institutions.

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