CAT- 315™ Walk-In Tent

CAT- 315™
CAT- 315™

CAT's 315™ walk-in tent enables one or two people to sleep in comfort, in a spacious environment, at up to 12,000' above your natural altitude. This tent is our most popular because it easily fits into most bedrooms, and provides the comfort of a walk-in tent style. CAT air units offer the highest output of altitude air in the industry to ensure a fresh, healthy and comfortable interior.

The CAT Exercise Mask Kit can be added to the system to provide altitude workouts on your indoor trainer.

  • 7' X 7.5' X 6' - fits over a Queen-sized bed with room to spare!
  • Easily fits in most bedrooms
  • Two versions: Up to 9,000', or up to 12,000' (plus altitude of location)
  • No maintenance costs
  • Sets up quickly
  • "High-Flow", quiet-delivery altitude air unit conveniently supplied with 25' long air-delivery hose.
  • CAT Exercise-mask compatible
  • 3-year warranty