Exercising at Altitude - Studies and Research

Although Live High - Train Low has become the mantra of athletes and researchers in recent years, there has always been a strong following of merely exercising at altitude. A number of studies (see left) have shown a significant performance gain from merely including some altitude exercise sessions.

For some athletes, these altitude workouts are considered the "icing on the cake". For other athletes, and particularly for teams, it's the only practical way to get started with altitude training. For health clubs it's a simple way to offer a unique feature to their members, and one with very real benefits.

When pre-acclimatization is important, perhaps before a competition or deployment in the mountains, exercising at altitude is often the method of choice for preparation that will make a huge difference.

All of CAT's Tent Systems enable altitude workouts with the addition of our Exercise Mask Kit , but our fully-automated Colorado Exercise Room™ (CER) has been custom designed just for this purpose and offers the convenience of altitude training anywhere it can be set up.