Live High Train Low Altitude Studies

Since the landmark studies of Ben Levine and Jim Stray-Gundersen in the '90s, Living High - Training Low has become recognized as THE best method for increasing sporting performances.

Compared with the traditional altitude training camp, where the improvements from the time spent at altitude were often negated by the reduced ability to train hard whilst there, "Live High - Train Low" provides the best of both worlds. CAT's altitude simulation systems make this method of training available to everyone, no longer limited to just those who are fortunate enough to live near the mountains. Furthermore, by removing almost all of the compromises traditionally involved with altitude training, this method has opened the door to benefiting those involved in sorter-distance events where previously the trade-off was simply not worthwhile.

Studies on the left have been grouped into those primarily looking at performances for athletes in aerobic-type activities, and for those involved in anaerobic-type sports.