Altitude Training Athlete Testimonials

"...a superior product."
"After extensive review of other altitude simulation products on the market, the NIKE Team's decision to choose the Colorado Mountain Room was based on its superiority. It was evident that the CAT system is not only backed by extensive research, but also by a board of leading researchers in the field. It is proven that altitude training directly impacts an athlete's performance level, and we felt the safety and convenience features were added benefits for NIKE athletes. We didn't just buy an altitude training system, we bought a team of professionals who provide guidance and support for utilizing a superior product."
*Alberto Salazar Coach of NIKE's Elite Distance Running Team and former marathon world record holder*

"...effective and comfortable."
"The Colorado Altitude Room breaks the myth that altitude training has to be a painful experience. It is possible to be both effective and comfortable."
Sara Renner - World Class Nordic Skier

"...CAT was the only system for me..."
"When I took on the challenge of defending my Ironman title, I knew that I had to pull out all the stops and do everything possible to maximize my performance. After researching altitude simulation systems, I knew that CAT was the only system for me. It was quiet, comfortable, and I had no problem sleeping at all. As for results I am now the two time Ironman champion!"
Tim DeBoom - 2001/2002 Ironman World Champion

"...a big part of my training..."
"Colorado Altitude Training has been a big part of my training program. It is giving me the extra edge to be at my best."
Mari Holden - Pro Cycling Olympian, Multiple US Champion, World Time Trial Champion

"... AWESOME!"
"One word for the room system... AWESOME! My hematocrit was at its highest level since I've been using altitude (almost 2 years)."
Rick Kattouf - Duathlon Age Group National Champion 2002, 2003

"... performance benefits I need..."
"The Colorado Altitude Room is the most comfortable way to get the performance benefits I need to ride my best."
George Hincapie 7x Tour de France veteran

"...the night-time advantage."
"As professional athletes we all have the discipline to train hard, hit the gym, watch what we eat, and even stretch. At the end of the day, it is what we do at night that really counts. Thanks CAT for sending me up high for the night-time advantage."
Chris Legh - Triathlon 5x Australian National Champion, Ironman Champion

"...the future of training..."
"This is the future of training tools and without one you may be left behind."
Justin Henkel - Professional Duathlete, USAT's Rookie Athlete of the Year 2002

"...that next level..."
"The Colorado Altitude Tent has been that next step in my progression of maximizing my potential. It is taking me to that next level and my ultimate goal of always being in the game and taking the win."
Laura Reback - #2 Ranked World Triathlete

"...has improved my performance..."
"The CAT altitude room has improved my performance on the bike while not disturbing my everyday lifestyle. The sound of the machine is actually quite soothing."
Michael Barry - US Postal Pro Cycling Team

"... I had much more endurance..."
"After a month of sleeping in the CAT system my times were faster, and I felt like I had much more endurance capability during my races. The CAT system gives me the performance-enhancing edge that allows me to compete at an international level."
Jeff Smoke - US National Kayak Team, US National Champion

"...CAT is the icing on the cake..."
" To be the very best I can be, which is to be the best in the world, I have to prepare like no other; my training, recovery, nutrition, and mental preps have to be perfect. The CAT is the icing on the cake for the 100% perfect prep."
Greg Bennett - #1 Ranked World Triathlete

"... sleeping on cloud 9..."
"I couldn't have done this without you! After sleeping on cloud 9, now I'm living on cloud 9, thanks to you!"
Alison Dunlap - Cyclo-Cross National Champion 2003, World Mountain Bike Champion

"...breathe easier, recover faster..."
"After using the tent for only one month my hematocrit and red blood cell levels have gone up dramatically. I breathe easier and recover faster. I would definitely recommend the Colorado Altitude Tent to anyone who wants an extra edge on the competition."
Megan Quann - 2 Time Olympic Gold Medalist - Swimming

"...two races at altitude... won both..."
"I did two races at altitude last week and am happy to report that I won both convincingly. I truly believe that the CAT system I used leading into these events played an important role in my performance."
Eric Wohlberg - Saturn Pro Cycling Team, 5x Canadian Time Trial Champion

"...I already feel a difference..."
"I've been using the CAT system for almost 2 months now and I already feel a difference in my training and racing. I feel like I have more energy, and I'm able to push myself quite a bit harder and feel good doing it!"
Becky Gibbs Lavelle - Top Ranked US Triathlete