TIAA-CREF Cycling Team

TIAA-CREF Cycling Team
TIAA-CREF Cycling Team

"The most impressive thing I've see with the CAT tent was with our rider Will Frishkorn, who really took his altitude training seriously.
In the Tour of Normandy prologue he produced nearly 500W for 8 minutes, something I'd never seen him come close to before."

Jonathan Vaughters, TIAA-CREF Team manager and former Tour-de-France rider

Ian D. Macgregor
Dan Bowman
Brad Huff
Rahsaan Bahati
Blake Caldwell
Mike Creed
Tim Duggan
Chad Hartley
Nathan Mitchell
Tom Peterson
Taylor Tolleson
Mike Friedman
Will Frischkorn
Stuart Gillespie
Danny Pate
Craig William Lewis
Lucas Euser
Michael Lange
Francois Parisien
Peter Stetina
Bryan Smith