Elegant in its simplicity, the Prevenex system employs only two components: an air separation device that extracts oxygen and a digitalcontroller that monitors oxygen levels in the protected space.

The air separation device extracts a small amount of oxygen from the air in the protected space- 6% of total air volume. The Prevenex’s digital control system provides a stabilize state of hypoxic air that prevents fire. With a Prevenex system, the air itself becomes your fire protection agent.

Reliability - Ordinary fire suppression systems have many points of failure: detectors, wiring, actuators, valves, dampers etc. Everypart must work for the system to work, and a failed component, may not become apparent until it is too late. The Prevenex System is much simpler, has fewer components, and only one moving part. Most importantly, fire safety is verifiable at all times by simply reading the control panel. Even in the event of prolonged power failure the system provides fireproof protection for hours.

Simplicity - Conventional fire suppression systems require complex plumbing installations and many require raised floors. Prevenex’s system requires no complex plumbing and no raised floors. In fact most installations are done in a day with only one or two technicians.

Space – Because the Prevenex system requires no stored or pressurized gases, it occupies only a fraction of the space required by conventional fire suppression systems. No need to find room for cylinders – there are none.

Hard to reach places – Most fire suppression systems cannot reach enclosed areas such as cabinets, drawers, or enclosed boxes. But the Prevenex system prevents fires everywhere there is air.

Prevenex installs most systems in a day or two. The heaviest component is only 57 lbs (26 kilos) so no forklifts, lift gates or cranes are required.
A single technician can maintain even the largest installations in a few hours per year.

Energy Consumption - Because there is only one moving part, both energy and maintenance costs are inexpensive.

Prevenex is the only fire-prevention company that makes both membrane and pressure swing adsorption-based systems for creating hypoxic fire-prevention environments in everything from private data or art storagerooms, to industrial warehouses and archives. Call us. We will guide you to the right solution for your specific application..