Prevenex Controller

Sophisticated and precise - the Prevenex Controller continuously monitors and controls oxygen levels to assure continuous fire protection. The controller regulates all Prevenex air separation units to maintain fire protection, while at the same time minimizing energy consumption. The operation is entirely automatic. The elegant interface is simple and easy to use. Operation is entirely automatic. The controller communicates with your building management system, and logs data for a complete history of oxygen levels and safety.

The Prevenex controller is outfitted with a complete package of electronic features and utilizes a state of the art 10-year life zirconium oxide sensor. Our innovative engineering and sensor technology guarantee unmatched stability and performance over a wide temperature range of 0º to 130º F, thereby eliminating costly nuisance alarm issues. Our sensor requires no support gases and can be easily and accurately calibrated using ordinary air. A standard calibration takes approximately one minute and only needs to be performed once a year. The controller is sealed in compact watertight enclosure, making for reliable and worry free operation. It is virtually maintenance free over its entire life.

The Prevenex Controller, can function on its own or in communication with your building management system. It contains both audible and visual alarms should the oxygen content in the monitored space drift outside of the permissible range. The controller logs data for a complete history of oxygen levels and safety.

Specifications and Technical Information

  • Wall mount 
  • Dimensions:  175mm wide, x 140mm high x 110mm deep
  • Weight:  <2kg.
  • Weather tight NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Exceptionally stable 10-year life zirconium oxide sensor
  • RFI   protected
  • Triggers all Prevenex's Oxygen removal equipment both main and boost channels.
  • Bright multi-color LED for alarm conditions
  • High-resolution red backlit LCD
  • 95db audible alarm  (oxygen level is too high or too low ) 
  • Front panel alarm silence button
  • Battery back up in case of power loss
  • Internal Data logger.    150 days continuously @ 10 min intervals.
  • RS-485 communications ( bi-directional )   for Building Management System (BMS) access with additional alarms and data logging